Do you want to watch Mr. Holmes for free? Attend to British Film Festival in Yerevan!


A few days ago while I was waiting for the elevator, I noticed a poster of British Film Festival in Yerevan on the first floor of AUA. First of all, I didn’t pay attention, but then I understood that it’s a great opportunity for every movie lover including myself. In the next moment, I was thinking about how we don’t often pay attention to posters and other announcements that might be interesting or important. Therefore, I decided to learn more about this event and use this platform to inform everybody else.
The British Council in partnership with the British Embassy Yerevan is organizing the 15th Anniversary Edition of the British Film Festival from 18 to 24 February. There are going to be seven film screenings throughout the festival. The screenings are going to take place in Moscow Cinema four times a day. Film screening hours are the following: at 17.00 and 19.00 (Red Hall in English) and 18.00 and 20.00 (Blue Hall with subtitles). And the best part of this is that entrance will be free to the public.
The primary goal of the festival is to introduce the UK to young Armenians as well as to show the culture, history, and customs of UK.
The opening ceremony and the screening of “I, Daniel Black” will be at 16:30 on 18 of February. If you are interested, then make sure to register beforehand.
Here is the link for registration
Here is an additional link to the full list of the films.



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