Euthanasia should be banned worldwide

Euthanasia is the act of killing ill people whose terminal has no cure. It’s an assisted suicide. Lately this practice became a way to end one’s life in a painless way. Some people believe it should be legalized as it’s a way to end one’s suffering. Furthermore, euthanasia advocates say that every human should have the right to do whatever he wants with his body, even if it means to stop his life line; to stop the suffering. For these people, euthanasia has a good purpose, but nobody has the right to kill himself. The act of euthanasia should be prohibited as it is prohibited by religion, gives doctors the license to kill, upraises distrust to the medical profession, as it can be a reason for vulnerable people to put an end to their lives, and it brings people to the state of self deception, because many people don’t want to die.

The word euthanasia has Greek roots. It comes from the word eu thanatos which means honorable or dignified death. It’s the act of consciously ending a life by using long term necessary treatment which is called passive euthanasia or sudden/direct death which is called active euthanasia. Both of these processes are equally immoral and are considered as sins according to the Ten Commandments for religious nations. As the God is the one who gave people life, only he has the right to take it away. Christians are opposed to euthanasia; Roman Catholic Church likewise is firmly opposed to suicide and euthanasia. Life is given by God, thus suicide infers that every person is the unique master of his own body, instead of God. Churches propose that interfering with the natural process of death is a sin, because the Commandment states that “Thou shalt not kill” meaning “You shall not murder/kill”. (Hebrew Bible)

In moments of severe pain or mere presence of death patients are very vulnerable. Some even lose the ability to reasonably think and make decisions, so they must not be given a chance to make such a tough decision. Severely injured people think of themselves as being a burden to their families and societies and that’s the main reason they seek for assisted death. One who doesn’t understand the possible consequence of his illness and thinks about the impact it will have on his family will most probably go for euthanasia. No one wants to be a burden, but it doesn’t necessarily mean he wants to die. Some, with lethal illness conditions might even say “I agree”, but in fact would be thankful if their requests would be denied. Being born with a disability is an awful thing, but it must not kill people morally, instead, these people should be taken care by their families, friends, beloved ones, so they would understand that their life is being valued and will have the courage to continue living with the pain.

Life is a gifted unique present to all people. Furthermore, the rapid advance in medical research gives a chance to find a cure to many people with lethal illnesses at any moment.

The best decision to enlighten the pain is care and love, it gives people a reason to live for, and being loved and evaluated can weaken the pain one feels.



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