Haircut Trends of 2017

I have always thinking what to do with my hair and somehow always look at other people’s hair to come up with some ideas. For not going up and down I did some research Writeon hair trends. Lately on the streets I’ve been seeing a lot of very personal, unique and powerful styles that become my source of inspiration. In terms of haircuts the one first thing to remember is that short and mid long styles are getting more and more into the spotlight.


If you’re going for a short haircut, it should be asymmetric, boyish. Long at the front, shorter at the back. Actually, there are many options but they usually include a side parting rather than having the parting on the center of your head. So, this type of style give you very modern, edgy and powerful look. It is super easy to care for it requires very little maintenance on a daily basis.




If you like your hair longer than your chin and if you know Taylor Swift then you know what a bob is that might be the right style for you. emma-stone-red-wavy-bob-haircutIt’s everywhere in Hollywood, on red carpet pictures are really but somehow not so much on the street yet. There are many ladies you can look out for inspiration purposes like Lily Colin or Emma Stone. The way to wear bob like that is a little messy, waive and a bit like a beach look. The waves are super easy to create with a curling iron.

So, here are two haircuts trends t
hat are going to be fashionable on 2017. However, my advice to you be unique and decide your hair look which might be inspiration for others.




-Ani Martirosyan


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