Make others smile


We often find ourselves looking at some people and wondering how good their clothes, make-up or shoes look. We usually pass by them without even giving them a simple smile. But how many of us have thought of actually telling random people that they look great? Why don’t we reach them and say, that we really do like their outfit. These are some simple and easy ways to make people smile. We often think that it is not fine to talk to people we don’t know, but we also have to understand that a single sincere compliment may really fill someone’s day. Wouldn’t we love if we heard some sweet phrases during a day? How about giving someone a soft smile meaning that they seem very nice instead of staring at each other for minutes in the bus station? Of course, these seem very small things, while they may be very big things for others. What does it take from us: waste of time, waste of words or waste of energy? Nothing, it really does not take a lot from us. We only need to let people know they are beautiful and let them smile.


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