McDonald’s Massacre


July 18,1984 is yet another dark day to be marked in the list of mass shootings. James Oliver Huberty was the one responsible for the deaths of 21 people and the 19 injured in the McDonalds restaurant in San Diego, Florida. The 41 years old man went on the rampage before eventually being shot dead by one of the police officers.

Days prior to the mass shooting James Huberty made a call to a mental health clinic, as he strongly believed he had a serious mental condition. During a conversations with his wife he mentioned about his need of professional help.  After contacting the mental health clinic requesting an appointment, he had been told to wait for a call the same day. Huberty spent hours in front of the telephone, desperately waiting for a call which he would never receive. It was later found that the receptionist misspelled James name, and due to his politeness marked his case as non- crisis.

On July 18, at 3:56 pm, carrying a 9mm Browning HP semi-automatic pistol, a Winchester pump-action 12-gauge shotgun and a 9 mm Uzi semi-automatic, Huberty entered a McDonalds restaurant in San Diego, which at the time had 45 customers inside. The mass shooting lasted for 77 minutes before Huberty was fatally shot by the police.

-Gayane Hakobyan


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