There are tons of benefits that dogs can bring with them to humans, but our government seems not to care about these wonderful animals. It is known that all the developed countries encourage peopdog-separation-anxietyle to keep dogs and provide dog owners with all the facilities that are needed to take care of their pets properly. These facilities mostly refer to special free places for dogs to play and to be trained in. Armenians who take puppies with a great excitement expecting to have a happy life with them lose their enthusiasm very quickly, since the big problem of walking arises before them after a couple of months. It is way too boring to take a dog for a walk in a lead and dogs, especially big ones, do not waste their energy by these 1-hour-long-walks. There is only one place in our city that dog owners gather to let their dogs play with each other and it is the garden of TUMO; but the place provided for dogs in this garden is not that big and people who live far from TUMO are unable to get there every day. Hence, most dogs in our city either get a maximum one or two hour boring walk during a day or they stay at home getting out only for their minimal needs. The result is that they either become aggressive because of the energy excess or simply lose their animal qualities because of the incomplete life.hqdefault

The government’s main argument about this issue will undoubtedly be that there are no places to create such play-fields, but it is not true. There are lots of abandoned and forgotten places in the city that used to be gardens or parks and which now became habitats for street dogs. One example is in Komitas avenue near the Arabkir department store. However, the moment these places gain the government’s attention, they will again become parks with a range of cafes and playgrounds for children, which are all over our city.


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