Something out of Nothing

“You can’t create music if you’ve never studied how to do it” they may say. What if I told you that you can and you can do it even better than those people who spent their whole life studying notes and song structures?

If a person is passionate about anything, he’ll learn to do it by himself, by practice and without any courses or teachers. ‘Create’ means to make something out of nothing.  It means to bring into existence something which never existed. A person can never ‘learn’ to create from someone else because everyone has his own way of composing whether it’s music, poetry or anything related to art.

I’ve been making musical arrangements for the past six years and during the first four years, I had no idea what notes I was playing. I wasn’t following any structures or had any idea what those structures meant. But I was creating and that’s what matters.

It’s not important to know the names of any chords or notes, HEARING them is what’s important. There is no need to follow pre-made songwriting structures when a person can make his own structure. By creating and studying through practise, one will eventually learn all the knowledge he needs.

There should never be borders in creativeness.

So why don’t you just create ‘something’ out of ‘nothing’ by yourself?

because you can!


(i took the picture)

Mariam Mirzoian


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