Surviving Through Art

The reality, sometimes, seems desperate and frightening. As we take a look how people treat each other, as we hear how they talk to and about each other, overall how human relationships are falling apart and how humanity is gradually giving up the moral values, we start to think about the world as a horrible place to live in. I will not prolong this paragraph, as I do not want to concentrate much on the rough side of the world, but to further disclose the idea that we can, sometimes, escape what bothers us in this world and create our own living space with our imagination.

For keeping the artistic mood in my all blog posts, I will refer to the art of a very interesting figure whose imagination and creativity helped him to overcome many difficulties. Someone once said, “Art is the only salvation from the horror of existence.” These words can totally describe the life of the Armenian artist Sergey Parajanov. Being condemned several times, Parajanov spent his years, surviving through his art and making collages, drawings, dolls and illustrations. During the harsh years of imprisonments, Parajanov struggled for conquering the horrific reality of the environment. “Several Scenes from the Life of Gioconda” is one of his works “inspired” by the life in prison. He saw a tattoo on the back of his friend; with every move of the friend, the skin was stretching and Gioconda’s facial expressions were changing. Parajanov captured all Gioconda’s movements and made an incredible collages and drawings.

“My art is a cardiogram of my heart,” said Parajanov.

And that is true. His art turns out to be a cardiogram of what he saw, what he felt and what he went through during his life; a tragic love story, harsh years of imprisonment and an incurable disease that eventually killed him.

While observing Parajanov’s works, we can find artworks with broken pieces of dishes, collages and illustrations with objects that no longer complement each other, asymmetric dresses and so on. The artworks of Parajanov create the cardiogram of his heart that was incessantly beatting and striving for a creative life.

Sometimes, we are looking for some kind of escape. Some people find it in art. They find relief in art.

Like I do, as well.

Helen Khanoyan

February 12, 2017


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