Swiss Development and Cooperation Office

Switzerland and Armenia. Cooperation between the two countries. The first thing you  would most probably think about connecting these two nationalities is the embassy. And in most of the cases it would be true. Well, things are different this time around.

Swiss development and cooperation office in Armenia is the connecting point. During past couple of decades the Cooperation Office has made a tone of difference. Starting from the 2000s the Swiss government is deeply involved in the development of the agriculture and governing infrastructure of our motherland, Armenia.

Talking about the agriculture. The development and cooperation office, here in our capitol Yerevan, is working hard for almost twenty years. The most prominent project funded and implemented by SDC is the “Livestock development in Southern Armenia.” The aim of the project is to better the conditions of the farmers in the southern regions of Armenia. Cooperating with a large numbers of individuals, who try to do cattle breeding, and in fact earn money, SDC influence rural development. Farmers are being given a chance of attending trainings, which help them in earning knowledge in cattle breeding, as well as doing business.

Another huge project implemented by  SDC is “Improvement of Local Self-Governance.” This particular project intents to develop the infrastructure of the enlarged communities  all over our country. One of the noticeable effects of the projects is the creation of the “one-stop-shops” that provide a full communal service to a particular customer.


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