– Can I have a bag please for these products?,- I asked  to a Georgian cashier in the supermarket located one of the central streets of Tbilisi.

– The bags are there, next to door,- she answered with unpleasant face, as I asked her to do something she should not do for me.

I took a bag, put my products in it and went out. After being couple of days in Georgia , I realized that the cashier wasn’t the worse example of customer service in Tbilisi. During those days I was shocked, than I got used to it. After a mouth I was back to Yerevan. I entered to the supermarket, did my shopping and went to cashier. I saw an old women who was before me shouting on the girl sitting there. She was complaining because, girl asked her to wait for a minute. The boy who is putting everything in bags were missing. The girl apologized and started to put products at bags by herself. Lady left the store by promising that she will find their supervisor. I was the next. When, I finished to pay I already saw a boy who had put all my products in bags. I wanted to hug those people and to say that they are doing all great, but I hadn’t done that. Instead of many words I just thanked them. I am not sure they heard it, as they were too busy about thinking what problems will they have after a lady’s complains. I mean, they made their client to wait, but may be because they were tired to do their job well and do not get a simple thank you for that. I saw many Armenians complaining of customer service in Yerevan. I myself did it for many times and I understand that there are many problems that employees should work on in this field. However, before complaining of what we have, we should appreciate it.

P.S. Its about you seeing…

Armik Israyelyan


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