“The Founder”- Movie Review and Synopsis

The story takes place in 1940s America with Ray Croc’s journey around America in a desperate attempt to sell his company’s milkshake machines. As he struggles to close deals he accidentally stumbles upon a fast food joint nothing like any other. It is run by Dick and Maurice McDonald brothers, who gave him a quick tour of their facility in St. Bernardino, California. As they explained to Croc the secret to their success was their speedy process of cooking the most demanded food in the market- hamburgers and fries. It took them about 30 seconds to get the burger to the customer. Croc immediately saw the potential of this business model and persuaded the brothers to hire him as the head of their franchising. He quickly built several franchises and expanded the company profits hugely. However, as Croc’s success grew, he was constantly supervised and restrained by the McDonald brothers. He chose to avoid these constraints by leasing land to franchises. When confronted by the brothers again, complaining about his outrageous cost-cutting strategies Croc claimed that business was like a war. If he ever saw his competitor drowning he would personally shove a hose into his mouth. Eventually, he striked a deal with the Mcdonald brothers, buying the rights to the company for 3 million dollars and giving them a “handshake promise” of a 1% share of annual profits. However, the brothers didn’t receive them and eventually closed down the business since Ray Croc’s company founded a Mcdonald’s franchise right in front of their joint. The movie ends with Ray rehearsing a speech which he was  going to present to the Reagan family. Persistence, as he indicates, is his key to success.



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