The life of PABLO 1949

Pablo Escobar was one of the world’s biggest Drug Lords. He established Medellin Cartel (a highly organized network of drug suppliers and smugglers originating in the city of Medellín, Colombia.)


Pablo and his family

He started his journey with importing products without customs clearance. Accordingly, he started to export cocaine to USA. Thus, because of his illegal activities he was followed by US law enforcement agencies, who were trying to punish Pablo Escobar in USA.
Many times he succeeded avoiding punishment, but once he was caught he accepted to suffer the penalty in jail made by his authority and himself. The compound was called “La Catedral,” or The Cathedral. The reference wasn’t religious but a nod towards its grandeur. Unofficially it was called “Club Medellin” or “Hotel Escobar,” and “resort” would be a more apt description of it than “prison.” Escobar’s designs featured a bathroom with a jacuzzi and a bedroom that had a circular, rotating bed. The compound included a soccer field, a discotheque, a doll house for his daughter and its own bar. There was a waterfall. It had cellular phones, radio transmitters and a fax machine to allow him to continue with business, which at its peak brought his cartel $60 million dollars a day and oversaw control of up to 80 percent of the cocaine shipped to the United States. When he escaped from prison, his daughter was ill and he burnt 2 million USD of currency notes to keep her warm. Also, once her daughter wanted a unicorn and he bought her a horse and he stapled a cone to its head and wings to its back and the horse died from an infection.


On December 2, 1993 Pablo was cut down by gunfire.
There are a lot of movies and TV shows about Pablo Escobar. The most famous one and the best one is named ”Narcos (1992).”

From movie ”Narcos (1992).”


Author: Anna Amiryan


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