The Unfathomable Beauty of Flowers

Flowers, whether we want it or not, play a fundamental role in our lives: from the day we are born to the day we are buried, flowers are our guides. We tend to define a flower as something very beautiful, which it certainly is, without really realizing the whole profundity of its existence. Maybe we take flowers as lightly as we think of them, because we are afraid they will lose their beauty once we find more about them. And if so, we certainly are losing the chance of enriching our perceptions of beauty that each of a flower’s petals so skillfully hides.

The whole beauty of flowers lies in our ignorance of its essence. We see flowers with our eyes, we feel them with our bellies, and certainly know that there is something in them that is so fragile and yet so powerful that we inevitably admire. Flowers, just like butterflies and anything mysteriously beautiful, live very shortly, but in those momentary existences that are their lives, they give and do so much more that many seldom manage to achieve.

In their indefinability, flowers have been wired with numerous symbolic meanings, theories and legends. Many scientists, for instance, because flowers are made of both female reproductive parts, carpels, and a male part, the stamen, associate them with the concept of the beginning of life. In other words, flowers symbolize birth, reproduction and life. In contrast to this ideology, flowers have also been often times associated with death and funerals, which leaves us contemplating their contradictory and yet very harmonious nature even more. Flowers really do depict the cycle of life: they are beautiful and pleasing, and, yet, one incautious move and they will be irreparably broken.

From yet another perspective, flowers can represent a meeting place. Flowers in a sense are the delicate link to connect the animal and plant kingdoms. Without flowers, which are an important part of ecosystem, some of the insects that we benefit from would’ve never existed.

Throughout time, flowers have also been used to express feelings and unveil hidden meanings. This expression through flowers is often times referred to as the language of flowers, according to which each flower bears a certain unique quality of its own. rosesPersonally, I have always thought that language, although a way for us, humans, to understand each other better, deceives us. Whether we want to accept it or not, human beings are sensual at their cores and communicate their thoughts and feelings through senses better than through an invented means of communication. Similarly, flowers have been used instead of words to help break the boundaries between human interactions.

There are special flowers for each day and moment of our lives. There are flowers that speak love for us, and there are those that speak of condolence. In Armenia, for example, there are certain flowers that can only be given in times of grief and sorrow. Roses, on the other hand, through different mythologies and legends have acquired the title of passion and desire, thus becoming a perfect symbol of new love. My favorite flowers, poppies, for example, first symbolize fecundity, then a cure for mental suffering, and, finally, a cure for sleeplessness.

Concludingly, I think that we should always give and surround ourselves with flowers, because even in the most sacred and secret moments of our lives, flowers will never cease to, with their odor, remind us of all the beautiful feelings that exist around us.

Nina Baklachyan


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