Top 5 Creative Advertisments

No. 5
Heineken: The Switch

Heineken The Switch is one of the best commercials of Heineken. There is a hidden meaning in it. Try to guess it!

Heineken is one of the most famous Beer brands all over the world. The company pays a tremendous amount of attention on its marketing and advertisement. Heineken was a major sponsor of UEFA Champions League and Rugby World Cup. In 2016 it also became the sponsor of Formula 1 World Championship.

No. 4
Heineken: The Odyssey Film

The commercial is very unique.

Besides the commercial, there are also short videos of each member’s interview, and how each of them was chosen, you can check them by this link:

No. 3
Nat Geo Wild: Live Curious
Nat Geo Wild’s commercial is one of the most creative ones. The ad is about Global Brand Campaign which they have launched. You can check more here:

No. 2
Honda: Orchestra commercial
Feel like Honda Civic!

No. 1
Nike: Unlimited You

Nike’s advertisings are one of the best in the world. This one is not an exception. Maybe it will inspire you to just do something!!!

Bonus: The world’s most expensive commercial.
Chanel No. 5

Chanel paid Nicole Kidman $3 million to play in this ad.


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