What color is in trend in 2017?


Trendy colors and shades in 2017 according to the Pantone Color Institute

       The authoritative and most influential expert in the field of colors Pantone Institute, whose opinion is very important for the world-famous designers, offers top 10 most fashionable colors in 2017. What color is in fashion in 2017? According to the Pantone Institute bright, saturated natural colors will be in trend this year. The favorites are different shades of blue,natural tones ( beige, gray), and bright red. Despite the fact that the fashionable colors and shades from Panton are completely different, they are perfectly combined with each other.

What Color is in trend in 2017?

The most popular color of 2017 is deep blue color with a slight haze, which was named Riverside. This color is used by fashion houses for creating business suits and casual clothes. It goes well with other shades of blue like light blue, turquoise, and other fashionable colors of this season. In many collections of fashion designers such as Sonia Rykiel, Zac Posen, Trussardi shade Riverside is main color of collection.


The second most popular color is another shade of blue called Airy Blue. It is a clean and an airy shade that is perfect for both casual and official looks. Airy blue is an exquisite and delicate color, which can be compared with the pure air on a frosty day. This color looks extremely noble and refined.


Another trendy color for this year is a shade of green called Lush Meadow. The richness and elegance of this color is perfect for creating a fresh look and for emphasizing the brightness of skin. This color attracts attention, it looks amazing with deep black, dark purple and even red and orange. This color will look even more beautiful on brunettes or red-haired girls.


Gray and his many shades also did not lose their relevance this year. In 2017, Pantone presents a new deep shade of gray called Sharkskin. It is associated with a gloomy autumn or winter sky, with the wet asphalt of the city. The gray color is perfect for creating stylish monochrome looks, it is used by designers for outerwear or  for cozy, warm clothes from cashmere. Sharkskin looks even more elegant on products with a matte texture. Sharkskin is versatile and goes well with all trendy shades of 2017. The most beautiful its combination is with the the color “Airy Blue”.


Another popular color for the year 2017 is the mysterious Warm Taupe, which is extremely difficult to describe, because it combines different shades of brown, gray and beige. It is difficult to describe because it is changing depending on the colors mixed, the more gray is present in the mix of colors the more cold and refined it will look, the more brown and beige, the more softer and warmer etc. This color look amazing with absolutely any looks.


One of the most bright and cheerful colors fashionable in  2017 is the color called Spicy Mustard. With this incredibly warm, saturated color any stylish look can be spiced up. Spicy Mustard is a little different from the classic mustard color, it is brighter. This color looks more interesting on textured fabrics: velvet, tweed, leather and fur. Evening velvet dresses of this color are very trendy in winter 2017 and are represented in the collections of Valentino.


Beautiful natural color in soft shades of brown and orange called Potter’s Clay is another trendy color of 2017. It can be attributed to the basic colors, one of the favorites of the season. It is an autumn color.  Designers use it to create and autumn-winter fashionable wardrobe. Products of this color made of wool, velour, suede and tweed are favorites of autumn-winter season 2016-2017.


Another trendy shade of 2017 is the complex, multi-faceted shade called Dusty Cedar it is different by its softness and comfort. It is a mixture of pink and brown colors. Fashion designers recommend combining it with neutral colors, especially relevant and fresh looks combination of “dusty cedar” with “air blue”.


Red color is in trend as always. Every year Pantone Institute presents this color, and definitely is the favorite of all seasons. In 2017, to replace the classic red a new sensual and bright shade of Aurora Red was presented. At the same time soft and intense shade of red is ideal for a bright evening look. Products in this color made of satin, chiffon, velvet and silk look extremely expensive and luxurious.


To create a bold and an evoking look use another trendy color a mix of purple,pink and lilac colors called Bodacious. This color harmonizes well with burgundy, red or bright pink. Bodacious is the perfect color for the controversial and colorful personalities.


Among the variety of fashionable colors and shades in clothes, choose the most suitable for yourself and create a bright and a stylish look. Use it to highlight your personality and style.


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