What’s recently been on the news?

What was on the news lately? Have you kept up with Donald Trump shaking the hand of Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for about half a minute on February 10? Media find this news to be shocking and add that the Prime Minister visited the US to officially discuss golf diplomacy between the countries. Caitriona Perry, a Washington correspondent tweeted Trump had put his headphones when Abe spoke, but yet he had laughed along with the golf joke earlier without it. Perry wondered if Trump could speak Japanese. Daniella Diaz, another Tweeter user wrote Trump hadn’t have his earpiece on and had been following cues from his aides on when to laugh. It was announced Abe had regretted about the handshaking which took them more than necessary and that Trump had told him he had had strong hands after the media people left the room (edition.cnn.com).


Alexander Lapshin is a Russian-Israeli blogger who adores travelling. He has been to 122 countries including one of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Armenia(puerrtto.livejournal.com). He has visited Nagorno-Karabakh three times and has been considered an enemy of Azerbaijan since 2011. In a meeting, Alexander Lukashenko, current president of Belarus stated Lapshin was to be handed to authorities and saw Israel had close relationships with Azerbaijan. Moreover, Russia, Israel and Azerbaijan had to decide where Lapshin would be extradited to. It turned out National Central Bureau of Interpol of Azerbaijan had searched out Lapshin finding him in Belarus. Lukashenko saw neither Russia nor Israel wished to have him, neither did he wish to have Lapshin as a Belarusian hostage. He recognized there were no assumptions to not hand him to Azerbaijan explaining that was the way the law seeked for.

Armenian mass media have covered the topic of Lapshin as well. An Armenian television show of two skillful comedians, Narek Margaryan and Sergey Sargsyan also discussed Lapshin’s issue. They reported Lapshin had criticized Azerbaijan in social media several times which was an outlaw act according to the Criminal Law of Azerbaijan. These men also reported there was no law in Belarusian Constitution according to which Lapshin had committed a crime. However, 381.2th article of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan referred to territories that only crossed the country; nevertheless Nagorno-Karabakh is not such. These talented men joked that if neither Russia nor Israel held him, he could still go to Karabakh to drink vodka and eat the famous flatbread of Karabakh known as zhingyalov hats and that he had better took a selfie on skyscrapers rather than visit Karabakh since such kinds of selfies were more secure. They thought Russia and Israel would have liked to see him in freedom. Joking about Azerbaijan’s position they added Alexander Lapshin was in the black list of Azerbaijan(Kocharyan, 2017).

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