New Culinary Services in Armenia

Do you love food?
Like special treatment?
Live in or visit Armenia?

Then this article is for you.

Personal Chef Armenia is an Armenian company, founded in 2015 by Hamlet Margaryan. It has grown very fast, and now it offers unique services that are first in Armenia:

1. Cooking School- here you can learn culinary art, exclusive methods of food presentation, food styling, etc. There are professional and amateur classes. Children can also have fun cooking classes.
2.Private Chef- this is alliterative for restaurants and delivery services. You can order the food you want, and the professional culinary team will make it at your home. You can also participate15781719_1790611751177609_3909697051877875701_n in food preparation. This service is great if you have some special event like birthday, engagement, family gathering, party or a romantic dinner.
3. Individual Catering- This service include thematic buffets, uniquely planned canapes. This service is useful for company brunches or gatherings.
4. Restaurateur- this service is for a restaurant that wants to take their food representation to a new level. Personal Chef Armenia gives professional consultations, plan a menu for the client, recruit a staff and instruct them.
5. Sauces Shop- There are different types of homemade Sauces: Pesto, Cheese, Mayonnaise, Caesar, and Tomato. The prices for sauces are from 1000 AMD to 2800 AMD.

I saw a lot of cool food designs online, and thought if in Armenia exists such thing or not. Finding out this types of services in Armenia is really exciting.


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