Armenians. Armenians Everywhere!

There is a common sense that Armenians are present everywhere and in everything. Well, in a lot of cases this is partly true. Armenian singer and songwriter Sevak Xanagyan is a perfect example of this statement. On September 2016, Sevak auditioned for the X Factor Ukraine. By singing his original song, Armenian singer not only got four Yeses but also became the favorite contestant of viewers and judges.

After watching his first performance on the auditions show, many people, including myself, already knew that this guy would definitely become the next X Factor. And we were not mistaken! On December 2016, during the final show, Sevak won the biggest musical show of Ukraine. Although there were many worthy contestants with great voices, people all over the world gave their vote to our countryman.

While talking about the performances that Sevak had during the show, it is impossible not to mention the one that stuck in peoples’ memory. On October 2016, Sevak sang one of his original songs called Возвращайся/Come Back. The song was dedicated to the soldiers who did not make it through wars. As by that time only a few months have passed after the April War, people, not only Armenians, got really emotional during the performance.

After releasing his dream of winning the show, Sevak started his journey as an independent musician. In only two months the singer has already given more than ten concerts in different parts of Russia and Ukraine.

Now, about the most exciting part! On February 19, 2017, Sevak is going to have a concert at the Opera and Balet National Academic Theater of Yerevan. Fortunately, I was among the lucky ones who succeeded in getting tickets to the concert.

img_5130 It is hard to imagine what it would feel like to be inside the atmosphere of great music and love. As the event promises to be full of different emotions and feelings, I would probably dedicate another post to the review of the concert. Wait for more details!

By Sona Azatyan


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