Fancy Words For Ordinary Things


Goosebumps… Everyone has been “touched” by that unique and strange feeling when your whole body is covered with goosebumps, and you can’t control or stop the process. Reasons can vary. Sometimes it’s when you hear a really good song, the song reminds you of something or someone very special, or when you are freezing outside in the cold weather, or maybe even when you have laid on the beach too long under the scorching sun. Anyway, it’s a very interesting reaction of our organism to several things, and that’s not all. The medical definition of goosebumps is cutis anserina. “Cutis” means skin, and “anser” is goose in Latin.


They’re called goosebumps because, when you have them, your skin looks like the skin of a goose, without its feathers. Although humans are luckier, they don’t lose the hair on the skin, like animals do. When a person is in a  strong mental state the brain sends signals to the muscles that make them very tense. So the particular erection of the muscles in the skin makes the attached hair rise and create the goosebumps. Clearly, they are a result of a common reflex because their appearance is unwilling.”Humans don’t have enough body hair for the response to make a difference; it’s a hidden reflex left over from when we had furry coats,” says anthropologist Richard Potts, Ph.D.

So, next time you have goosebumps, just know that everything happens for a reason, and every single event is worth of investigating and being aware of.




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