A Piece of When There was Him

I walked inside the vast foyer filled with a subtle noise of the dresses sweeping away the dust from the wooden floors and the piercing sound my heels made joining that of those of the rest of the crowd. The black tie evening was at its peek; men dressed in Tom Ford suits and women in gowns that would cost me the half of my salary for the rest of my life if I had been reckless enough to buy. I could hardly take my eyes off of them though – an inspiration for my next month’s article could be right in that room; I had to take my chances. The only issue I had was my own look. Well, our fashion expert might have defined it as my best fit. I, nonetheless, couldn’t help thinking about the beyond tight and quite revealing piece of art I was granted the honor to pull off. Oh well, at least this time my false lashes are not too heavy; at the previous event making an eye contact with the people I was talking to was literally painful. I was portrayed as the shy one which is not something one should bet on.

With those thoughts wandering in my head I was smiling now. At least, it will appear as if I actually enjoyed joining the club. Whoever said life begins at the end of your comfort zone – I swear – lacked the experience.

I was about to maneuver my way through the strange faces and fake smiles when I realized walking was not a skill I had the appropriate techniques to put into practice. Time had stopped and there was nothing else but those dark, sea blue eyes that I could see. My mind went blank, my heart pounding so hard it was about to jump out of my chest. I could feel my fear of losing control over myself blurring my view. Years had passed but it seemed like nothing ever changed. I was again that seventeen-year-old girl captivated by his cold glance and we were back at that college hallway where my heart got flooded by a rush of emotions it had never had before.

I was standing there again… waiting… hoping he’d ask to stay, never imagining there would come a day I would thank him for he didn’t.


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