Accidents don’t just happen accidentally…

Not every day a man will sacrifice his out-of-mind expensive car to save another man’s life, which is, of course, devastating. However, this happened. Forty-one years old Manfred Kick was driving north on Bundesautobahn 9 outside of Munich on Monday night. Then he suddenly noticed that the Volkswagen in front of him was swerving on the highway. He never imagined what would happen to him.

Kick sped up towards the car and when he was driving along it, he saw that the driver was having a stroke. What could he do? Accidents don’t just happen accidentally. Therefore, Kick decided to pull his car in front of the Volkswagen and slowly push on the brake, until both of the cars stopped. However, this man wouldn’t stop. Our hero went to the man and checked his pulse. The man was still breathing. Later, other drivers joined Kick and helped him with the man. It was clearly a movie scene for Mr. Kick, who is the leading character. The man with the stroke was rushed to the hospital and is now in a stable condition. The news spread quickly and reached to the CEO of Tesla car manufacturing company. The hero of this story, Manfred Kick, was thinking how to repair his car. The cost of the damages was near $10000. However, the humanity in him valued the man’s life more than his car. For his heroic deed, the CEO of Tesla promised to repair Kick’s car absolutely free. He wrote on his twitter:


In this modern world, we see not many people who would sacrifice any of their assets to save another human’s life. What Mr. Kick deed needs appreciation and appraisal. Congrats Mr. Kick! You are a real hero.

Julieta Gyurjyan



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