“Brain Hacking” in social media

mindreader3We are constantly worried about our account or computer security, especially when we read in the internet about accounts that are constantly being hacked, or even our personal computers which are full of viruses. Different internet security agencies are constantly guiding and trying to explain the importance of having secure accounts. Still, we all know that it is impossible to have a complete secure accounts. Let’s say, if the government has a complete control on your personal privacy, then there is actually no point of trying to have a complete secure account. Even though we can not have a complete privacy in the internet world, we can still control some attacking which are not directly connected with technology.

Brain hacking term is now being used as a physical process of trying to control human’s brain senses, but I would like to use the term for explaining the internet insecurity of readers in social media and generally in the internet.


Society is now is trying to understand whether information is a power or not. Information in itself does not hold any construction and order which means that you can be controlled by what you know. In that sense unorganized and categorized information does not have any construction in it and it can be dangerous. One of the problems of mass information is that it does not have relevant sources and readers do not even question its validity. The other issue of mass information is that it can be hugely opinion based. Today opinion is valued more than professional researchers opinion. An ordinary prominent person now can write a few words in twitter or Facebook and blow out the internet.

However, filtered and trusted agencies must be part of the qualified information. Readers must constantly question whether information is qualified, important or relevant. These basic questions even can be asked before even reading the information, because any word, phrase or sentence entering in our mind can trigger our thinking and perception about the world.

Human mind must always use its analytical and critical skills especially when it comes to understanding about the quality of information they are getting from the internet. It is possible to create a safe environment both in your computer, accounts and in your own mind.

-Gayane Aramyan


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