Grades Do Not Determine Who You Are

What defines a good student? This question does not have a single answer. People have different mental capabilities. Some students can read once and appropriate the given subject, but for some other students, it might take a few times of reading before they digest the information. Moreover, some students do not even need to read at home, because the interpretation of the professor and the amount of the previously accumulated knowledge fulfills their needs of reaching the goals of the class. Thus, which group of students can be the good ones? Obviously, all of them, if they understand the concepts that they examine and can put them into practice in real life. However, what about the students who work hard, appropriate the subjects and do not know how to put them on the paper? What about the students who put aside their hobbies and dreams but still cannot reach the GPA that they desire? Furthermore, do numbers define the qualities or the skills that the student possesses? Yes, that is a good question; they DO NOT!


Grades have nothing to do with your intelligence! It does not mean that students should care less and say, “Grades are not important.” Instead, they should realize that the stress and anxieties that grades cause are not worth their time and health. College depression is common in academic platforms, and for many good students, a couple of bad grades become a burden to carry until the end of their educational studies. There are many inaccuracies that a grade might have. Some of these inaccuracies can be the biased approach of a professor or the attractiveness of the student, which might unintentionally become a part of the grade. Even if the professor is extremely objective, the student might have some psychological problems or health issues, which can stay on the way and absorb the excellence that the student holds.


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