Horse-Size Alien

Mr. Friendly is a cut-character from Half-Life who’s name does not match with its role in the game. Mr.Friendly is a an alien enemy from Xen, which was supposed to attack the player by using vomit, fatal copulation and spurs, but yet kept its appearance limited to the game files. Having a size of a small horse, Mr. Friendly was an alien creature crawling in the wildlife by making noises resembling nail scratches on a chalkboard. Designed by Ted Backman the horse-like alien with a crooked torso would move by using his hoofed legs on the back and supporting spurred arms in the front. The role of Mr.Friendly was to act as a scavenger by eating and cleaning corpses to improve the performance of the game by being the reason of the disappearance of dead bodies. One of the unique aspects that was suggested to be included in the attacks of Mr.Friendly was his ability of knocking down Gordon’s (the protagonist’s) glasses in a fight giving the player a blurred vision till the end of the combat. However due to the lack of technological advances at the time, the mentioned feature would hardly be included even if Mr.Friendly made his way into the game.


– Gayane Hakobyan


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