Meeting My Childhood Best Friend At AUA!

It was one of those normal days at the university when I was tired because of the studies, but I wanted to stay in the university so that I can do my homework. However, I went to the third floor of the new building and I sat on a couch, I opened my notebook and started to study. Then I went to wash my hands and as I was coming back and approaching to the couch to sit, I saw my childhood best friend that I loved so much when I was a child and had a lot of memories with her. I was thinking if it’s her or not and as I got closer to her I realized that it is her! And she sat on the same couch that I was sitting on and I went there and I sat by her and I was in shock! I did not tell her anything because she was busy talking to a friend, I was speechless. She was living in Canada and she came to Armenia after 14 years because her parents wanted to move here. However, a day after that day I saw her standing in front of a classroom, and I went to her to say hi, I stood in front of her and I said her name and she looked at me and said “Wait, I know you! I know you!” and I said “Think” and then she remembered me and my name, and hugged me and started to scream saying “OH MY GOD.” However, we both were in shock because of ending up in the same university, and we did not see each other after being in the kindergarten. It was one of the best days in my life and I will never forget this day.


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