Nail trends for 2017

       Stylish and trendy manicure is an integral part of almost any look. In modern society manicured hands should not only please the eye with its elegance and beauty, but also do certain types of work.

Recent trends in nail design

       Since the main fashion trend in 2017 will be the maximum naturalness of nail design, the length and shape of the nails must also be natural. Short and ultrashort nails are in trend, the length of the free edge should not exceed 2-3 mm. A small exception for those who like long nails, the free edge can be 5 mm. But this is the maximum allowed length of the next season! Very long and artificial nails are no longer in fashion.

       Nail form must be oval or almond. Even currently fashionable “square” nail type in the year 2017 should be rounded (squoval), to make the nail look more natural. The “soft box” and oval form will look good on short nail plate. Slightly extended nail plate will look better with the almond shape.

Trendy colors and designs in nail design

       Delicate and nude shades are in vogue, emphasizing the beauty of the nail without cutting the eye.

       However, oriental symbol of next year – Fire Rooster – dictates other colors for nail design, preferring bright saturated colors: sunny yellow, red, emerald green, blue, orange, purple and crimson. Therefore, dichromatic (two color) nail design that combines two shades of the same color is the most successful variant that was unanimously accepted by nail stylists  for 2017. The combinations can be:

  • pastel bright (eg, orange / light peach);
  • pastel (light yellow / orange light);
  • bright (emerald / green, sunny yellow / orange).

Trendy “metallic”

       In 2017, the relevance of metallic coating significantly increased. Famous nail designers recommend the use of such coatings to create autumn-winter manicure combined with a matte finish in dark colors. Also, foil wrapped nails in silver or golden colors, perfectly complement a simple evening dresses.

3D designs

       In 2017 American stylists presented a creative nail design, with stones, sharp spikes and pearls. It looks like very unusual, stylish and extravagant.

Striped geometry

       Images of geometric shapes in the next year will be just as popular as this. Triangles, squares, zigzags, dots can be combined on any basis – shape, color, size. Geometric patterns are versatile and they look great on the nails of any length. In addition, some stylists advise to combine strips with geometric nail art, splitting the nail into several parts, in each of which a certain figure will be located. The advantage of this design is the visual correction of the natural shape of nails – they will look more narrow and long.

Rhinestones, powder, glitter

       An ordinary manicure can be turned into a sparkling festive nail art with the help of a shiny decor – rhinestones, sequins and special manicure powder. Stylist recommend to use shiny elements in the autumn-winter nail designs. In the summer and spring, the number of shining supplements should be kept to a minimum. People with short nail plate should be very accurate with this design, as large stones and crystals visually shorten and widen the surface nail, so in this case it is better to use a little (up to 3 pieces), small decorative details.

French manicure nail design

       For autumn-winter manicure rounded shape of nails covered with gray, purple, brown and gray-pink tones in combination with milk-white nail tip. For the spring-summer period neutral tones can be replaced by a little more vibrant – pale yellow, peach, light-red, pale green.

       Classic French manicure also will not lose its relevance. The most popular is the traditional French made with shellac, glitter and perfect smoothness that will stay for at least two weeks.

Moon manicure

       The shift from the edge of the nail to the base has been considered as a classic technique of “reverse” french.

       Therefore, as a traditional French manicure, “Moon” from season to season changes its appearance, offering to fans of unusual nail art new design options.

       In the pursuit of fashion, it is important to always consider your preferences and not lose yourself. Be in trend and love yourself.

Inesa Nadarina


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