Old But Gold

Old movies are always the best.



Modern cinematography is so absolutely disappointing, especially when compared to great old movies which are so unique and enjoyable. If it is not a zombie apocalypse, then it is vampires, if not vampires, then other monsters, if not other monsters, then evil villains and maniacs who want to destroy or conquer the world. And if all this combined, then better – then there is always a bunch of superheroes to fight and win the evil. Vandalism, violence, abuse, cruelty, terrorism, wickedness, evil, evil and evil. Even if modern movie-makers try to create something funny, it ends up being quite ridiculous – low level unsuccessful jokes, rather than intelligent and truly engaging humor. Old masters, though, knew how to make real comedy movies. Here, i created a list of 5 generally most underestimated old great comedies.

1. Some Like It Hot (1959)

The best movie of all times is surely Some Like It Hot. A brilliant comedy – funny and lovely. Marilyn Monroe’s, Tony Curtis’ and Jack Lemmon’s brilliant performance leaves an unforgettable and joyful experience to everyone who enjoys this magnificent movie.

2. Operation Y And Shurik’s Other Adventures (1965)

Mother Russia’s all comedies of Soviet Union are excellent masterpieces. Any of Leonid Gaidai’s movies could appear here, but I decided to choose this scene of Operation Y because even if you don’t understand Russian, I bet you will certainly laugh most of the time, while watching the movie.

3. Bluff (1976)

Compared to Celentano’s other movies, Bluff is not that popular. This movie is unknown to most of the public, though it is truly splendid. It tells about Felix’s fantastic adventures in the world of ‘bluff’.

4. Ace Of Aces (1982)

Jean-Paul Belmondo’s another brilliant comedy. The funniest part of the movie which unfortunately i could not find on Youtube, is when Jo takes the Jew family right to Hitler’s house by mistake. Germans think that they are the musicians invited to Hitler’s house. The Jews take the instruments and play Jew songs instead of expected German ones. The laugh and fun is indescribable and their adventures are just incredible. But no spoilers anymore – go and watch it!

5. L’Homme Orchestre (1970)

One and only Louis de Funès. The treasure of French cinematgraphy.  Evan Evans telling a fairy tale story of The Wolf and The Lamb. Just hilarious.

Mash Mashok


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