Que Sera, Sera 💫


Do you believe in fate? That everything, absolutely everything, is all preplanned to get you where you are supposed to be. That every little accident, every person you meet, and every choice you make, is actually the universe trying to guide you to your final destination. Or do you believe in coincidences? That not everything makes sense and accidents happen, and they do not get to have a say in what will happen to us.

I love the idea of serendipity, coincidences that are fortunate and beneficial to us; but are just coincidences, nothing else. But there are some things that happen to us that don’t often make sense. When we get really hurt, whether emotionally or physically, it makes no sense because we don’t like to think that we deserved the pain. So that’s when we commence to over analyze everything, every choice we made that led us to this unpleasant turnout and somehow, if you think that it’s fate, it makes everything easier. Maybe you were supposed to get heartbroken, because if you weren’t, you wouldn’t be able to make yourself a priority, to take care of yourself. Maybe you were meant to fall off your bike when you were a kid, because that’s how you met your best friend – the little kid in the playground who ran to help you up.

I know that sometimes our worlds seem to close in on us. I know this because I experienced it firsthand more times than I want to admit; maybe because I overthink, maybe because I overreact, or maybe because I’m just an emotional teenager. But, believing in fate, believing that the universe has a particular plan for each and every one of us, it somehow makes our lives a lot easier and our problems a lot less problematic.

Of course, it’s nothing about blindly believing in fate and not taking any action, but sometimes you gotta have faith in your future, and believe the magic that the universe possesses.

– Sinara Isoyan


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