Stupid Indian Serials- Happy Armenian Us or… Just an Antidepressant

Days ago someone whose opinion is very important to me said she enjoyed viewing an Indian serial “What to name this love” (translated from Armenian). To be honest it was a little shock for me as she is one of the most intelligent, interesting, smart and tastily personalities I have ever met in my whole life. Before this, some other people also said they love this serial and its cast but I never even thought to change my principle to never watch Indian serial. This principle comes not because of me being nationalistic or racistic or something, but because once I have seen an episode from it and some episodes from two other Indian serials, the feeling I got was that all three are childish, stupid and not professional. Also, the game of actors seemed to be very artificial and scenes were not just fake, but even disgustingly pretended. I don’t like this kind of acting so I just made a decision to never watch it again and even if sometimes it captured my eye I just had fun on it. However, after hearing the opinion of the person I mentioned above something changed in me. I decided to watch some series of the “What to name this love” and take a view of it from a different perspective and you know what?? After spending 7 hours of my Saturday night sleep I really liked it. I don’t even blame those 7 hours for making me sleep my whole Sunday instead of going out with friends, partying or being with my whole family once in a week. I really don’t, and if I was not tired enough I would definitely be willing to spend another 7 hours in watching more episodes. Of course, the serial cannot be in the list of my favorites but I definitely enjoyed it. Here are two main factors that made me and others like it:

  1. There are no big, global or real issues in the serial. The only types of conflict the viewer can face are discussions connected to making a meal, wearing a short dress, praying to their gods, doing religious rituals and getting married. So everything is just on a household level. When the heroes fight there is no real conflict between them. There is no depression and even serious scenes meant to make the audience get positive energy and laugh. Honestly, I laughed all 7 hours I spent on this serial.
  2. The main hero is really cute and hot

ff.jpg         images.jpg

Nothing racistic or nationalistic but I would never imagine that I can like an Indian guy. I love blondish hair and light colors but he has dark skin and black hair and anyways it is attractive. Also, his role makes him charismatic and charming (and again I can’t believe I am talking about a Bollywood actor).

jrng.jpg    ll.jpg

This serial really seems to be an antidepressant for people of 21st century. No conflicts, no worries, no depression, love, fun, and laugh, full of weird, stupid and funny situations … and a really cute and cool guy. Watch, enjoy and have fun.



Gyulnara Hambardzumyan


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