The Intrigue Continues

img_8057On the 14th of February while some people where preparing Valentine presents for their loved ones, others attention was concentrated on UEFA’s Champions League. On the center of the attention were Barcelona and PSG who were going to face each during quarter final of the championship. Certainly the bookmakers were predicting the absolute victory and advantage of Barcelona, however the opposite happened. In the end PSG won by 4-0 and The whole world was not expecting that Barcelona is capable of losing with such a big score difference. Moreover, this week it is going to be the second leg of the fixture. This time Barcelona will face their “rivals” in Camp Nou stadium, which at some point might help them to show their best football. However we all realize that it is nearly impossible for Barca to overcome PSG by winning 5-0 or 6-1. For me the whole intrigue still remains until the match, especially when Barcelona’s striker Leonel Messi promised everyone to avenge PSG for what had happened. Certainly those who love and watch football know there had been many great comebacks during football matches. No matter which team will be the winner it will be great if both teams, especially Barcelona will try to show great football.
P.S. I am a Barca fan so no matter what Visça Barça!!!


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