There are many expensive flowers in the market today. There’s even a priceless flower which has never been for sale (Kadupul Flower). Kadupul is simply impossible to sell as it blossoms only once in a year and survives only one night which makes it priceless.

However, the world’s most expensively sold flower is a rose. The Rose is called “Sweet Juliet” and was breed by an English rose breeder David Austin.440px-davidaustinwiththegrahamthomasenglishrose-copy The Sweet Juliet is one of Austin’s 200 species of roses. It’s a light pink, thick-leafleted and sweet flavored rose. Its first blossom in 2006 was sold for 15.8 million dollars after more than 15 years of harvesting.

The name of the rose comes from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. It is an apricot-hued hybrid which makes its flavor very sweet. The flower grows up to 105 cm tall and 90 cm across. It Blossoms late spring to early fall and is a perfect repeat bloomer protected from plant diseases and has a long life guaranty.

Nowadays the seeds of the flower are found in the market for less than 30 dollars, but the flower blossom costs 5 million dollars. So far Sweet Juliet remains the most expensive rose in the market that was ever developed.

Laura Sargsyan


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