Travel to the Space for a couple dollars

Yuri Gagarin, Mikhayil Kornienko or Scott Kelly. These names say a lot as they have traveled to the space. But have we ever thought that each of us really desires to be travel in the space? Not that hard. Just have a couple of dollars with you and that is it.

Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics is located in Moscow, Russia, which gives one the opportunity to see all the things related to the space. Its shape is no different than a spaceship. One you get inside, you will admire every single object that is either brought from the space, or is the copy of the objects in the space. There is a mini copy of the International Space Station inside. The visitor can get in and explore the objects placed in it. It is no different than a real tour to the space. There are the exact copies of the cosmonautic suits and also the small statues of the dogs that traveled to the space. You can touch the stones brought from the space. The impression is that you walk in the space.

Sounds exciting? Take a couple dollars with you! Have fun!



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