Try a Kit Kat when in Japan!

Among the many famous chocolate snacks such like Snickers, Twix or even Bounty, the “Paradise Dream” chocolate, Kit Kat is probably the most favorite for some people. Especially Japanese people seem to like it the most.

160830155955-kitkat2-exlarge-169There are approximately 300 different flavors of Kit Kat being sold in Japan today. Yasumasa Takagi, a Japanese patissier (pastry maker), recreated the standard snack of waffle covered with chocolate by complementing various new and unexpected flavors to it. Picture this, Kit Kat with Wasabi flavor, Shinshu apple flavor, green tea flavor or even Sakura  (cherry plant) flavor. These might sound somewhat weird at first, but probably these types of Kit Kat chocolate snacks are very yummy!


To prepare the non standard Kit Kat the patissier has to  obtain the necessary flavors from different regions of Japan. For instance, the green tea flavor can be received from Okinawa.


Japanese people prefer matching the flavor with seasons thus one may come across with a number of vividly colored Kit Kat chocolate snacks.

Indeed, Japanese people never fail to fascinate and impress the entire world with their creativity. Yet, one has to try one of the 300 flavored Kit Kats when visiting Japan.

Luiza Vardanyan



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