Weird Food Habits

We all have them.

We all know someone who has them.


It may seem disgusting to you. But to someone else, it is very appetizing and delicious.


Weird Food Habits are the thing that differentiates you from others. You mix and blend different foods and life suddenly becomes better.


Others though might either share the same sentiments or their taste buds will completely deny the heavenly taste.

The ones that I will share are the ones that I absolutely enjoy. And the ones that will make you think I am an insane person. Which is absolutely fine. And I do not disagree.  


Manakish & Chips

You open up the mankushe (singular for manakish) which can be either cheese or zaatar, and add the chips of your liking inside. Then simply wrap the mankushe, making sure you crush the chips. And enjoy!

man2ushe layz

Eggs & Ketchup 

I remember the day I discovered that you can mix ketchup with eggs and not get poisoned. I saw my uncle mixing these together and I was absolutely disgusted. Noticing the look on my face, my uncle forced me to eat them together. And turns out, it’s not that bad.


Mayonnaise & Cheese Sandwich

It basically explains itself. But this is not the sort of cheese you put in your burger or on your pizza. It’s cheese like Lori – hard textured.

You can have it grilled, toasted, and however which way you like. It tastes amazing.


 Toast & Milo 

(Milo is a cocoa substance like Nesquik that is added to milk)

You know how normally people dip cookies into their milo? Well, my sister and I like to dip toast into our milo.


You should try these if you dare. Trust me, you won’t regret it. And if you do, you will hate me for life.


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