Where Do You Look for Happiness?

People are always in search for the following things; happiness, fulfillment and security. Those are the things that we are constantly seeking for since the day we are born. The issue with finding those things is that we always look for them in everyone and everything else, other than ourselves. As a result, we link our happiness to things, people and emotions. We think that we can be happy only after having pursued a career, earned  money, found our significant other etc. Moreover, nowadays that happiness and fulfillment comes from our status; by how many people know us, even our security can come from this. Consequently, every time, for instance, you post a picture of yourself you are secure knowing that a certain number of people are definitely going to like it and/or comment on it. The problem is that we are relying on others for our total self fulfillment and total happiness.


Emotions and relationships are also our main focus when looking for happiness, fulfillment and security. They are on the top of our list of priorities. When we are relying on others for our own happiness we expect them to make us feel happy and  return love. This is why we should be careful where we place our expectations.If we place our expectations of happiness in something that is unstable it will mess up with our state of mind and inner peace. This in its turn leads to our expectation of perfection of everything which is impossible to achieve.So, being aware of where we place our expectations and what the result will be, it will benefit us. Putting expectations low while hoping for the best outcome in all cases can bring us more happiness.



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