When saying you cannot copy a dollar bill I do not mean that it is illegal, but rather I mean that you physically will not be able to copy it if you try to.
In fact, a reasonable person hardly would ever try to do that, but in case somebody wants to, he better know that it is not possible to do with an ordinary printer, like the ones AUA has in its library.
The secret is that each dollar bill, and basically all major currencies, have a hidden sign in them, composed of five red dots randomly put next to each other, which are called “The Eurion Constellation.” The dots are not visible to a naked eye, yet printers are programmed to catch them and block the copy in order to avoid counterfeit.

If a person is stubborn enough to want to try scanning a dollar bill into the computer and printing it out afterward, it is going to be a disappointment for him as well. The problem with this step is that any kind of photo viewing program on a computer has a counterfeit deterrence system, which recognizes the dots and blocks the upcoming actions.
Even if the Eurion Constellation part is totally blacked out, programs like Adobe Photoshop or Windows Photo viewer detect that the image is a part of a bill anyway.kyx5hrw

By Artyom Matevosyan


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