You create your own reality.

People often marginalize the importance of different kinds of accidents, calling them just coincidence. However, sometimes in life happen do incredible coincidences that if they do not change the perception of the world, then at least leave a lot of questions.
So, in this article, I try to discover answers to the question: why we are often confronted with coincidences?
You are the creator of your own reality.

There are aspects of our life that are beyond our conscious control, such as our unconscious desires and thoughts that have the ability to materialize without our control. Often, just as unusual coincidences in life.
The problem of such coincidences was outlined for the first time by Carl Gustav Jung. He was convinced that the most remarkable coincidences in our lives are connected with intrapsychic experiences, thoughts and even dreams. This kind of situations shows that our mind can enter into interaction with the light, which appears as the world of matter. Simply put, the thought is material, even unconscious.
Then you might ask: “Do I create all bad things that were going on in my life right now?” Yes, but not always. It is important to remember that there are circumstances beyond our control. But the fact remains that the vast majority of what is happening in your life is going back to your same mental vibration.


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