Stressing about Stress


Stress is something I deal with daily, it’s extremely exhausting and it distracts me from everything I need to focus on. I stress about everything (My classes, grades, sleeping schedule, time organization) and when people say “Relax, take it easy,” it somehow makes me more stressed.

Stress also makes me overthink every single decision I make, and sometimes I get a headache from thinking too much and analyzing everything, I’m usually not able to think clearly or remember things when I’m stressed. It makes me want to quit everything and take a nap instead. In fact, I do that sometimes when I realize it’s all becoming too much, I come to the decision that whatever it is, it’s not worth stressing over and I take a nap but frankly I become even more stressed after waking up, it’s strange but true. I know it’s unhealthy but I find myself stressed in almost all situations. However, walking and running help, listening to music and talking to someone can also be helpful. Usually, when I find myself too stressed to focus on my tasks, I start writing down what I have to do or I go for a walk to reduce it.

Stress is something we all experience, some of us feel it more often than others. But in all cases, stress is stressful and everyone has their own way of dealing with it.


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