A Miracle on Earth

My life has a unique way of flowing – I get to start over every year. I had already lost count of the places I called home forgetting when I actually spent more than a weekend with my family. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not complaining. I love the feeling of the fresh beginning. What I genuinely can’t stand though is the fact that I have to leave behind all I built so far to move on.  It became an inside joke within my family  circle – everyone keeps asking me where is my next destination. Oh well, the truth is – I never know. It always drops on my head over night turning my life around.  So did my previous trip which ended up becoming the best I could ask for. Yes, sometimes I do get a little lucky and end up in a city where everything you know from fairytales exists.

Salzburg was beautiful. The architecture, the history and the culture make one fall head over heels in love with the city. I remember the listless night I spent on the road and the way my journey sucked every bit of energy out of my system. The moment sun rose shedding dim light over the surface of the earth, however, I unwillingly drew my heavy eyelids up to catch a glimpse. I can’t think of a moment I had ever seen anything even close that.  I thought I was dreaming; this scenery couldn’t have been real. Well, it was and I had five month to call it home.


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