The Napalm Girl: The Story of Survival

The Internet is full of naked Phan Thi Kim Phuc’s photo taken during the Vietnam War, on June 8, 1972. The whole world is still talking about the horrific photo and about its photographer Nick Ut, who won the Pulitzer Prize for taking it.

But what about the little nine-years-old innocent girl? Have you ever wondered what has happened to the pretty little Vietnamese girl after she was severely burned on her back by South Vietnamese napalm attack?


After she had been burned in front of her family, she was not able to believe that life continues and she could move forward leaving past behind her, concentrating on the present and hoping for the best in the future. However, life is evidently going on.

After the attack, she stayed at the hospital for 14 months recovering form the burns that covered 65 percent of her body. At the age of 19, she converted to Christianity, and that was the first step for her to start living a joyful and hopeful life. Phuc dreamed of becoming a doctor after the terrible incident. The doctors, who cured her, made her grateful and she desired to do the same for others. So, in 1986 she moved to Cuba to attend medical school.

Right there she met the love of her life. Before that moment she thought that no one would be able to love the girl whose body and soul were deeply damaged. However, Bui Huy Toan, a North Vietnamese student felt in love with her. Five years later they married and moved to Canada.

In 1997, Phuc created a foundation to help children who suffered because of wars. That same year, she also became a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Peace. Due to her foundation, several hospitals were built in different countries.


Throughout her life, Kim Phuc traveled the world telling her story, motivating people who survived from various wars, attacks, accidents and spreading out her love, hope, and gratefulness. She is still healing her body wounds, but her heart and soul were healed a long time ago.

She is now 54, happily leaving in Canada with his beloved husband and two sons: Stephen, 18 and Thomas, 21.

Good always triumphs over evil. Agree?



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