Recently I found out that everything I knew about addiction was wrong. I was thinking that addiction is the result of some substances, for example a drug contains because it makes you to wish more and more of it. However when you think deeper you understand, that it is not so at all. When someone is in hospital in order to take away the pain doctors give their patient a lot of “diamorhine” which is way stronger drug than the usual heroin. So how is it that these people are not becoming drug addicts? The answer is that the addiction has very different origins and it is way more complicated. When you look around you may notice that the addict people are the ones who are mostly rejected from the society. When someone is surrounded with friends or with a family it is hardly that the person will ever use drugs or become some kind of an addict. Those people, who are being constantly beaten up by life, are the ones, who try to find some ways to get some relief. By doing drugs, constantly playing video games or by becoming an alcoholic they fill the pleasures they cannot get from their social life. So in this case how these people need to live if they will always be abandoned from the society? People always stay away from such kind of addict people which makes them to become more addict to the staff that I mentioned.   This is a very serious issue to think about and eventually give some solutions, because by isolating these people, we are being a reason for the continuation of their unhappy life.

Stepanyan Tigran


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