Astronomers have discovered seven new planets similar to Earth. There may be water.

       Astronomers have discovered seven new planets, and three of them can even be suitable for living. Scientists think that there can even be water in a liquid form.

       The journal Nature reported about these seven planets in its article on the website of the American space agency called NASA. Planets were found in the recently discovered system called TRAPPIST-1 in the constellation of Aquarius, at a distance of about 40 light years from Earth.

       Thomas Zurbuchen, the deputy head of the NASA space mission control in Washington, says that “Finding an answer to the question “Are we alone in the universe?” is a key challenge for science and today’s opening – a major step forward in this way.”

       Before of this discovery of seven planets, astronomers studied only three planets that were somehow close to the earth by its structure, and all of those planets were in the solar system, those planets are Mars, Venus, and Mercury.Because of the unique characteristics of the star TRAPPIST-1 (it is a red dwarf, which means that it is a star which is much smaller and colder than the Sun), scientists believe that they can easily find out more information about these newly appeared planets.

       Also, three of that seven planets are in the center of the habitable zone, so the temperature on the planets do not prevent the fact of the existence of water on the planets in its liquid form, which it is an essential factor for the possibility of the development of life.

Inesa Nadarina


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