“Best British”

During the last 150 years, Great Britain had many great athletes. We will have a glance on 5 UK’s greatest sportsmen of all times.

Sir Jackie Stewart

He has been made a knight for his incredible achievements, being the only sportsman to win tournaments on four wheels and two. He also won the F1 title behind the wheel of a Ferrari in 1964 having been the 500cc motorcycling world champion four times.


Sir Tony McCoy

Tony McCoy is 20-time Champion jump jockey who broke every numerical record going – and most of his bones as well. His total of 4,358 jumps winners will stand for a long time.


Ronnie O’Sullivan

The flawed genius who became one of the sport’s most complex and compelling personalities. Continually brilliant, occasionally frustrating, and always enthralling. Ronnie was a five-time world champion and holder of the 3 quickest maximum breaks of all time; the fastest was just 5 mins 20 seconds.

Harry Vardon

Holds the record for most Opens won (six) and also lifted the US Open title, the most majors of any European golfer. He also is the world’s first golf superstar and legacy lives on with “the Vardon Grip.” He invented the overlapping method which remains the most popular one, and it is used by professionals and amateurs today.

Sir Andy Murray

A colossus of modern British sport, Sir Andy Murray has kept forging onwards notwithstanding some bruising encounters with three of the greatest and famous players in the history of the tennis. Now he has surpassed them and became world’s No1. Andy Murray is a double Wimbledon champion, a double Olympic champion and also a former US Open champion.


-Robert Voskanyan


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