Boys DO cry


We live in a century where the rapid developments and innovations lead in each and every sphere. We live in the era where education, knowledge, and progress are put above everything. But, unfortunately the humankind even in the 21st century are still stuck in deep-rooted stereotypes. It is disappointing how corrupt and close-minded the society could be about feelings and emotions. Emotions like rights are universal and all, despite their nationality, sex, origin, color, religion or language have equal rights to express feelings.

First and foremost, boys are allowed to have feelings. We too often hear the phrase “Stop crying! Boys do not cry.”  Parents teach their sons that sad emotions are something only girls are allowed to express.  They are taught that expressing sadness is not acceptable. However, emotions don’t evaporate; instead, they turn into aggression and anger. If boys don’t cry, then the society shouldn’t have to tell their sons that boys don’t cry. I never have to tell my cat that cats don’t bark. She doesn’t bark, will never bark, and me telling her this tidbit is pretty irrelevant. Frequently notifying a crying boy that boys don’t cry is neglecting the obvious that: boys do, in fact, cry.

Boys and girls differ in some parts of their temperament, but not in others. They don’t differ in how shy, fearful, angry, sad, happy, or emotional they are. All that matters is the way people respond to their anxiety, depression, and crying.  Therefore, it is clearly seen that the society is the only creator of this stereotype.

_ Mariam Khachatryan


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