Coachella, 2017

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is an annual music and arts festival that takes place in California. Many people attend the event and have fun with their friends and relatives. Many celebrities also participate in Coachella so making it more entertaining and funny.maxresdefault

The event features various genres of music, and many famous singers perform during it. The festival has its origins from 1993, when Pearl Jam performed at the Empire Polo club for boycotting venues organized by Ticketmaster.

Hard Rock Calling - Day 1Every year Coachella is a huge event for people all around the world, and many go to the place it is held in order to have a role in it. Coachella has become one of the most interesting and awaited events for people, especially teenagers, who are the major participants of it. In this year, 2017, also people cannot wait until it is the time of the year again so that they can hang out with their friends, have fun and be engaged in many entertaining activities.

Recently media announced the news about Beyoncé being pregnant, and people are worried she cannot perform in Coachella this year. Everyone asks her to perform since she is one of their favorite celebrities. There will be other singers and actors, who will attend the event. Everyone chooses corresponding clothing for the festival and thinks of creative ways to be introduced to others.1024x1024


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