Enthusiastic Observers

Today I visited the Yerevan office of Transparency International, an international non-governmental organization working with the civil society here in order to expose corruption, promote democracy, advocate and defend human rights.

There were dozens of people there, most young adults, who had come there to be prepared to work as observers during the parliamentary elections that will take place on April 2. I saw some familiar faces, mostly from the American University of Armenia. The enthusiasm and willingness that I witnessed in these people really impressed and encouraged me.

I was also encouraged by my conversation with Yeva, who will supervise the election observation in Yerevan’s Kanaker-Zeytun district. She told me that there is much enthusiasm outside Yerevan to participate in this observation mission in their own residences.

We were lectured on how to properly observe and oversee this upcoming election, which is politically very significant as it will be the only nation-wide election in 5 years as the new constitutional abolished presidential elections. We were taught how to react to various situations which could happen at polling places.

Although there is widespread skepticism that this elections are going to be free and fair, I think that citizen observation of it is still vital for our young democracy.

Author: Karine Dilanyan


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