New Toyota Camry

World’s the most famous company in automotive sphere is Toyota that introduced new 8th generation of Camry model. New Camry is designed by TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) platform and was best-selling mid-size cars in America last 15 years. Engineers of Toyota have changed its exterior and interior a lot during these years.

The differences between 7th generation and 8th generation of Toyota Camry is obvious for everyone. First of all they differ by their appearance. Toyota’s developers tried to redesign it by providing new beautiful elements and innovative look. The newest model is smoother and lighter. Visually the center of gravity is lower, which actually is, because of lower hip point and shoulder line. The front headlights changed to LED making its look more aggressive. Moreover in the rear side there are going to be new back lights and some added aluminum details which will make its appearance more powerful.



The newest model’s interior changed as well. The designers changed it by enlarging the cabin and making it more comfortable. By changing the interior’a front seats Camry became more sporty as the angles of seats are drawn forward. Rear-seats improved by becoming larger providing people more space to fell comfortable.



Toyota did not changes engines suggesting its customers 3.5 with V6 cylinder and 2.5 with inline-4 gasoline engine. However, engineers worked on higher power and fuel consumption.Toyota also developed new 2.5 hybrid engine with 4 cylinders.

New Toyota Camry will be in market in summer if 2017 and its cost will be volatiled from 23000$ to 33000$.

Author: Gevorg Atanesyan


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