There are good days in life. There are bad days in life. Everyone knows that life is a constant battle of good and bad, saddness and happiness, pessimism and optimism. Every day we wake up, go to different places, meet new people, remember the old ones. We laugh, we cry, we try to collect as much memories as possible.If we are lucky enough we have family and close friends with whom we can share our little secrets, who can enter our little crazy worlds. But if you are not that lucky, it means that you must either wait until someone as unique as you will appear in your life, or maybe decide to change something in yourself or in the life you are living at the moment. Simply everything is possible, anything which can be imagined is able to come true. People just need to become more optimistic, they should start enjoying every possible good and bad moments.All these things have been said millions times by different people, I am aware of that. I just really want to remind everybody who will read this post, you are strong, you are worth of attention, respect and love. Never deal with negative people,their opinions and thoughts. Become independent, careless and continue living your fantastically amazing life. Just enjoy!


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