Saturnus in Armenia

A festival called “Music Drive” organized by the Ministry of Culture and “Rock Association” with partners “National Theatre Art Association” and “Zhesht Events” announced that more than 20 international bands (Including Armenian bands) will perform on March 24,25,26 in different genres of rock. The 25 March concert is for free, and for the other two days, the price is only 5000 Drams. Recently, they also announced that famous Doom/Death metal band from Copenhagen Saturnus will play on 26 March in Yerevan at G. Sundukyan National Academic Theatre.

Saturnus is a Death/Doom metal band (with Gothic motives), which was formed in 1991 in Denmark. In 1991 the lead vocalist Thomas A.G Jensen was looking for band members to start the band Assesino (which changed to Saturnus in 1993) and he found the bass player Brian Hansen, who had the same purpose. During those years, a number of musicians played and left the band.

Their songs are mostly about sorrow, death, loss and in other words, the songs represent the dark melancholic atmosphere. They sing with 3 different vocals: Clean, growl and recitation. Their first recorded album was “Paradise Belongs to you” which was released on December 12, 1996. 20 years already they created a dark masterpiece, which took place in the hurts of doom metal lovers.

Image result for saturnus paradise belongs to you albumcapture

Liliane Demirdjian


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