The Tatev Monastery, and Its Vibrating Pillar


The  Tatev monastery was built in the 14 century. It is located in Syunik region, Tatev village. Next to the monastery, there was a Matenadaran (Mashtots Institute of Ancient Manuscrips), which lasted till 1912s. Only 140 manuscripts were saved and carried to Ejmiacin, later on to Matenadaran. According to an Armenian tradition, Tatev was called after the name of  Tadeos apostle’s student, Evstateos. Started from 895, the monastery of Tatev had been the cultural center of Armenia, where there was the Tatev university, created by the efforts of Hovhan Vorotnec’ student, Grigor Tatevaci. There is also an interesting legend related to the name. It is supposed that when the master finished the construction of the monastery, he prayed God to receive wings to fly above the monastery and see the whole divine beauty of it. Then the God listened to him, and made his wish come true. Hence “Tatev” means “God gives wings.” The so-called” flying appearance” can be seen totally when by approaching and looking at the monastery, surrounded by four-sided gorge, which seems flying beyond the gorge.

There is an interesting story related to the vibrating pillar of Tatev as well.It is said that the pillar was built in 906, for protection purposes. The octagon pillar, which is also known as “Gavazan,” was eight meter, and had cross stone on the peak. The construction of pillar is designed the way, that it could be shaken during any shock or physical influence. The pillar used to shake during any dangerous situation, which alarmed people, that there was a danger and that they need to be ready to confront against it. Interestingly, after shaking, the pillar returned to its original positions again, as if nothing had happened before. It is believed that the pillar had magical power because back than there were many earthquakes, however only the pillar had been saved till nowadays.







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